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Courses Offered at the University of Natural Health

  • Holistic Degree Course Programs

    At the University of Natural Health, our students learn how to employ, through our holistic nutrition and natural health & healing courses, natural health training principles and conditions of health, by first identifying them, and then by incorporating them properly into one's own personal life. We provide courses that are based on the Acid Alkaline Diet which are rich in alkaline forming foods. These courses will enable you, the student, to learn the strict guidelines relative to the laws of nature while living them with a strong degree of proficiency so you can teach others the principles required to attain Optimum, Holistic Nutrition as well as Holistic Health as part of one's own Natural Healthy Lifestyle.

    See the Holistic Nutrition and Health & Healing Courses we offer.

  • Sports Nutrition & CERTIFICATION Course Programs

    All Sports Nutrition & Certification Courses including our Sports Management & Marketing Courses are based on the Hygienic Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition Philosophy. You, the student, will have much to be proud of as a graduate & "Sports Nutritionist" from The University of Natural Health.

    See the Sports Nutrition Courses we offer.

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