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An Overview for Prospective University of Natural Health Students

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Holistic Health & Healing Degrees

The University of Natural Health helps students learn how to employ natural health training principles and conditions of health and nutrition, by first identifying them, and then by incorporating them properly into their own personal lives. We offer accredited nutrition and natural health programs that provide an Alkaline Diet Plan, teaching a Natural Health & Healing alternative versus the use of drugs through a series of holistic courses.

Sports Nutrition Certifications & Sports Degrees

We are the elite holistic sports school among Sports Colleges, Sports Management Colleges, and Sports Marketing Colleges in Sports Nutrition. We are the only degree-granting and certified school in the world teaching these ancient principles of the “acid alkaline balance diet” to the serious athlete who strives to attain Peak Power, Strength and Endurance as well as Optimum Health.

We offer a highly sophisticated Sports Certification Nutrition Programs and Sports Nutrition Degree Programs for maximum athletic Power, Strength, and Endurance for the athlete who is driven towards a superior athletic performance.

Sports Management Programs

We also offer Sports Management Graduate Programs for those interested in a Sports Management Career, as well as Sports Marketing Programs for those interested in Sports Marketing Careers.

Non-Secular Programs

The University of Natural Health offers several non-secular degree and certificate programs in Spiritual Counseling, Theology, Divinity, Biblical studies, and Holistic Christian Health and Healing.

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