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Doctor of Philosophy in Sports Nutrition

This program covers advanced natural lifestyles and philosophies that emphasize detoxification, pure air, adequate rest and sleep, and a natural hygienic diet, among other topics. Additional courses cover maximum body energy and energy healing concepts, the neurophysiology of beliefs, and advanced applied nutrition. It also includes a 2,500-word thesis.

Program Course Descriptions

PHDSN-101 Advanced Natural Lifestyles & Philosophies: Natural Sports Nutrition

stari climbingThis course covers all aspects of natural health in relation to Natural Sports Nutrition required to attain superior natural health, power, strength and endurance as a lifestyle philosophy. The primary topics covered include the following: Detoxification, Causes of Disease, Pure Air, Pure Water, Adequate Rest and Sleep, a Natural and Hygienic Diet, Correct Temperatures, Sunlight, Regular Exercise and Mental and Emotional Balance, which includes Freedom from Addictions, Possesses High Self-esteem and a Motivated and Purposeful Life as well as Meaningful Goals and Loving Relationships. We are the elite of all "Vegan Schools" teaching the acid/alkaline balance diet as well as a superior Natural Health and Natural Nutrition Philosophy.

PHDSN-102 Maximum Body Energy & Energy Healing Concepts

This course presents the most advanced concepts on how to increase and maintain the body's maximum nerve energy for maximum health, physical strength, and endurance. Maximum nerve energy is also the key for healing disease holistically and its prevention.

PHDSN-103 Neuro Physiology of Beliefs: Introduction

This course will teach you a breakthrough systematic program supported by scientific evidence on how to naturally conquer anxiety, depression, anger, obsessive and compulsive behaviors.

PHDSN-104 Advanced "Applied" Nutrition

This course details the ideal sources and correct rations for the three caloronutrients as well as for all other nutrients and demystifies all health concerns related to the consumption of raw fruits and vegetables. The student will learn how to determine his/her true dietetic nature and how to correctly utilize the "nutrient-per-calorie" concept for evaluating the nutritional content of any meal or diet. The course also examines the effects of eating raw fruit on specific health conditions such as Candida, chronic fatigue, diabetes, cancer, simple-carbohydrate deficiencies, and the healthful management of weight.

PHDSN-105 Sports Counseling Practice

This course teaches the legal "ins & out's" and "do's & don'ts" of a "Sports Nutrition Consultant Practice." The course also presents very advanced and highly effective counseling techniques that will enable the Holistic Sports Nutrition Practitioner or Sports Nutritionist to show clients and students how to restructure their thinking processes to overcome self-sabotage and to achieve amazing successes in their healthful living habits. This course is of utmost importance for those who aspire to attain a "Degree in Sports Management."

PHDSN-106 Applied Science of Sports Nutrition & Physiology

This course presents a modern and thoroughly up-to-date 21st century study on the physiology of the human organism with a specific focus on the physiology of the digestive tract as it relates to sports nutrition for optimum power, strength and endurance. "You are not what you eat but what you assimilate that determines your power, strength and endurance." "Vegan athletes" and "vegetarian athletes," especially "raw food athletes" and "raw vegan athletes," have proven that the "vegan athlete diet" and "vegetarian athlete diet" provides the "ultimate sports nutrition" and "natural sports nutrition" for "max muscle sports nutrition" and "sports nutrition endurance for athletes." "Vegan sports nutrition" and "vegetarian athlete nutrition" is the "ultimate sports nutrition" and "power sports nutrition" for attaining maximum power, strength and endurance. The Applied Science of Sports Nutrition validates why a "Vegan College" or "Vegetarian College" provides "Sports Nutrition" that is superior to conventional "Sports Nutrition" that is offered by other "Sports Management Colleges," "Sports Colleges," "Sports Schools" or "Sports Nutrition Certification" Schools. Our "Sports Nutritionist" graduates are simply superior experts in the art of "Natural Sports Nutrition" to help the sports athletes to attain maximum power, strength and endurance for optimum athletic performance.

PHDSN-107 Thesis

The student will prepare a 2,500-word, typed, double-spaced thesis on how the courses in this Doctorate's Program can be applied in one's life from the "Sports Nutrition Education" that the student was taught at The University of Natural Health and how this sports education would enhance one's "Sports Management Salary" as "Sports Nutritionists." Material may be drawn from the various courses in the Doctorate's Program. (9.5 credits)

PHDSN-108-E The Mind of the Spirit(Optional)

The course will teach you that "minding the spirit" ("ones way of thinking" or "mind-set") as a spiritual person will empower you with a Divine active force. This course will teach you that if you "sow with a view towards corruption of your spirit, mind, body and soul, you will reap corruption, but if you sow with a spiritual, wholesome view towards living, 'mind, body, spirit and soul,' you have chosen to continuously perfect your life in order that you may continue to live the Mind Of The Spirit" (4.0 credits)

Elective marked: " — E." is suggested but NOT required for the Program.