University & Colleges of Natural Health are nationally and internationally accredited and authorized to grant degrees as a university and college. In addition, we are accredited by the “A.A.D.P.” (The American Association of Drugless Practitioners) for our secular programs.  Graduates can  Become a Board Certified Holistic Natural Health Practitioner by “A.A.D.P.”  For further information please contact .

accredited school

As a Natural Health College, we provide Holistic Nutrition & Natural Health Certifications through our Certified Holistic Nutrition & Natural Health Course Programs.

Our non-secular programs are accredited by the “W.W.A.C.” (The World-Wide Accrediting Commission of Christian Educational Institutions).

Accreditation ensures that our students will be well-qualified at the post-secondary level after completing our educational programs, and that the quality and standards of our course instruction and methods are maintained at the highest, post-secondary academic level: “in keeping with our Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition Hygienic philosophy.”