Enrollment Procedures & Instruction

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student enrollmentWhen a student enrolls at The University & Colleges of Natural Health, the student will be asked to fill out admission forms, after which an advisor shall be assigned to guide the new student through the enrollment process.

The advisor will see that the student receives all necessary materials pertaining to the chosen Program of study, whether it be related to holistic nutrition or natural health.

The University & Colleges of Natural Healthhas the largest Vegan and Vegetarian enrollment in the world that offers the raw vegan &  vegetarian diet with a superior, vegan or vegetarian diet plan. Our Holistic Nutrition degrees are great credentials to possess for those that have or are attending a Vegetarian or Vegan Culinary School.

Lessons & Procedures

All lessons will require reading material, and some also require videos. Study of the material will be followed by short Self-Help Quizzes. Progress Tests will be followed by Final Examinations. The student will be allowed to go at his or her own pace, which is one of the great benefits of distance learning through correspondence. There are no time limits for completing courses. After completing courses with a satisfactory grade, and after paying the full tuition for the courses taken, a degree will be issued and mailed to the student no later than four to six weeks.

Admissions Policy

There are educational requirements for those seeking to enroll at The University. A high school diploma or G.E.D. is required to enroll in the Bachelor’s Degree Program. Students desiring a Master’s Degree Program must have completed the Bachelor’s Degree Program, and those desiring the Doctorate Programs must have completed the Master’s Degree Program. Upon The University’s evaluation, student transfer credits from another school may be accepted on an individual basis.

Confidential Records

All records are confidential, except general information under the “Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.” If a student does not want any information released, he or she must file a written notice stating those wishes. Students have rights to access their records.

Grading System & Reports

The University & Colleges of Natural Health issues grades based on a G.P.A. system (grade point average system). A 4.0 G.P.A. is the highest level, while 0.0 is the lowest level. A level of 2.0 must be achieved for the undergraduate and certificate Programs, while a 3.0 must be achieved for the graduate Programs.

Grading reports will be processed as they are completed as long as the student is in good standing with the school.


Upon written requests and provided the student is in good standing with the school, students may request their transcripts to be sent to other schools or employers.

Credit & Degree Transfers

All credit and degree transfers will be determined on an individual basis. Crediting courses will depend, therefore, on our evaluation of comparable courses completed at other schools such as a vegetarian college or a vegan college. All transcripts requested by The University will be released and sent directly to The University for approval and recognition. Transferring credits and degrees attained at The University to another college or institution is at the discretion of the accepting institution, college, or university; and it is the student’s responsibility to confirm whether credits will be accepted. All credit and degree transfers must be submitted in writing to The University, providing that all financial responsibilities have been met and satisfied.

Credit Inter-Program Transfers

Credits earned in the Master’s Degree Program may be transferred into the Bachelor’s Degree Program only. Since there is an excess of credits, traditionally speaking, in the Master’s Degree Program, the credit transfers allow students more creativity and personal preference with their electives and with the total credit requirements for the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs. All similar courses, including certified courses, at The University can be credited and applied toward other B.S., M.S., Ph.D., N.D., D. Sc., and H.D. Programs within the University curriculum subject to authorized written approval.

Credit Requirement & Electives

The University & Colleges of Natural Health, as a nontraditional alternative health and holistic nutrition school, does not furnish the traditional number of credits required in traditional degree programs. Academically speaking, our course credit structure is similar to Chiropractic or Naturopathic school requirements. The courses required to complete each degree or certified program at The University of Natural Health will determine the ability to attain that particular degree or certification program. If the student desires to waive all electives to complete our Programs in less time, that is completely acceptable. Note that the elective, the Master’s Dissertation in the Master’s Program, can only be waived if the student intends to enroll in the Doctorate Programs.

Credit for Work/Life Experience

A student who meets the minimum admission requirements may qualify for equivalency credits that convert to credits that can meet the general education requirements found at most universities and colleges. These requirements may be met by work, personal life, and/or professional experiences such as the following: training seminars, military training programs, workshops, independent reading studies, curriculum studies, proficiency examinations, job training, and through other means which shall be determined by a “Profile Credit Equivalency Assessment” conducted by The University & Colleges of Natural Health. Completion certificates may be requested by The University for such experiences. Verification of knowledge and material the student wishes to submit should be sent in a portfolio format for evaluation and assessment.

Natural Health & Nutrition Degrees & Certification Diplomas

All diplomas will be sent once all financial and academic obligations have been met.

Enrollment & Contract Fees (including initial refunds)

Once the enrollment has been submitted and processed, a financial agreement will be e-mailed or sent via postal mail to the student listing the details of the student’s enrollment. The contract must be signed and returned within five (5) business days, otherwise, the student may be assessed a $150.00 dollar enrollment fee and a $150.00 dollar contract fee and the remaining balance of the initial deposit would be refunded.  If there is no response within 5 days of sending the contract to the enrollee, then the enrollment form could subsitute as the contract. If the student wishes to return their course materials within the 3-day grace period of receivership, a re-stocking fee of $150 would be added to the enrollment and contract fees and the shipping and handling charges would be non-refundable.

Shipping & Handling

For students living within the continental United States, Programs are usually shipped by United States Postal Service, Ground Rate.  All shipped orders that are refused will carry additional returned shipping and handling charges.  All shipping and handling charges are non-refundable.

All students living outside the U.S. shall be responsible for all foreign country import and other taxes.  Additional Shipping & Handling charges outside the U.S. shall apply.  While some of our most popular courses are available for immediate shipment, others are not.  Since Programs are tailored to each student’s needs, a certain amount of individualized work must be done in preparation for shipping.  Please note that if any books or materials are on back order, they will be shipped at our expense.  Accordingly, students will be notified as to when they can expect to receive their courses.  All shipped orders that are refused will carry additional returned shipping and handling charges.
All shipping and handling charges are non-refundable.

Tuition Payment Plans & Refunds

Monthly payment plans or any other payment arrangement will be available for payments on a per individual basis.  There will be no tuition refunded after (3) working days from the date a student receives his or her Program(s), as validated by United States Postal Service records or any other form of delivery service records sent to The University
& Colleges of Natural Health.  All shipping and handling charges to or from the student are non-refundable.

Withdrawal Policy

There will be no tuition refunded after (3) working days from the date a student receives his or her Program(s), as validated by United States Postal Service records or any other form of delivery service records sent to The University of Natural Health.  There will be a $150.00 non-refundable processing fee for enrollment and a $150.00 restocking fee on all orders returned.& Students who withdraw within (3) working days of receiving their Program will be responsible for all shipping and handling charges for returning their Program in excellent re-sale condition.  All Program shipping and handling charges, to and from the student, are non-refundable.  Unexpected life circumstances may force a student to withdraw from our Programs.  If this should happen, the student may be entitled to a refund, depending on how long the enrollment has been ongoing, how promptly all books and materials have been returned, and the condition of all books and materials returned.  If the student withdraws within 30 days of enrollment and returns all books and materials in excellent condition within two weeks of the withdrawal date, a complete refund, less the shipping & handling costs (including a $150.00 restocking fee), may be made.  For all other withdrawal situations, The University’s “withdrawal schedule” is the greater of the “either/or” situations as follows:

  • 31 to 60 days………. Either $250.00 minimum or 75% of tuition paid
  • 61 to 90 days………. Either $175.00 minimum or 50% of tuition paid
  • 91 to 120 days…….. Either $100.00 minimum or 25% of tuition paid
  • Over 120 days……… No Refund

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