Master of Science in Holistic Natural Health & Healing Degree Program

Earn a Master of Health Science Degree from one of our Natural Health Course Programs online at our Holistic Health Schools. As you earn your Masters in Health Education, you will learn how to raise children naturally through the scientific study of a superior holistic lifestyle and philosophy. You will gain the skills to attain and maintain optimum health as a whole family. University of Natural Health® is an Accredited Online School of Natural Health.

Program Course Descriptions

MNH-101 Raising Children Naturally

This course presents the foundational concepts that should be applied to raising disease-free children. Yes, “disease-free!” (4.0 credits)

MNH-102 Nature of Human Physiology

This course examines one of Dr. Shelton’s greatest poetic work on Hygienic, natural health philosophies. Dr. Herbert M. Shelton was considered the greatest Hygienic Doctor of the 20th century. In his teachings, he illustrates the complete concepts of nature and man’s relationship to “the organic laws of life,” laws that must be obeyed, else one suffer the penalties for violating nature’s laws. The student will learn that nature’s movements are always striving upwards toward ultimate health and that violation of these laws results in disease and suffering. (4.0 credits)

MNH-103 Superior Foods & Nutrition

This course covers the nutritional values (vitamins and minerals) of natural foods and presents the superior advantages of organic farming versus chemical farming. The course also exposes the destructive and unbalanced methods of commercial farming and their toxic effects on human consumption. This course teaches you, step-by-step, with pictured illustrations, how to garden in a home-restricted area, as well as how to farm on a larger piece of land. No horticultural course compares, or is as complete, in its well-rounded wealth of easy to understand and practical information! (4.0 credits)

MNH-104 Advanced Behavioral Kinesiology

This course presents the most fascinating explanation of the nature of conscious human physiology and is superior to any other course available explaining this concept! The teachings of this course use numerical levels of consciousness, along with tying into its paradigm, that are affected by emotions on various levels. A “truth serum technique” using kinesiology and tying into the body’s wisdom also makes this course and its techniques the most fascinating explanations applied to the nature of conscious physiology itself! The video tapes that are used, along with the book and written course, are revealing and awe-inspiring! This course is one of a kind. (4.0 credits)

MNH-105 Phytochemical Composition of Foods & Nutrition

This course examines the analysis of nutrients in various plants and the effects of these nutrients on various parts of the body needed to maintain the processes of health. (4.0 credits)

MNH-106 Advanced Natural Hygiene

This course presents advanced natural health concepts on the principles of organic life pertaining to nature’s conditions for perfect, uninterrupted processes of pristine health! It also covers the disease process and its causes and the many aspects, in depth, of the conditions that must be met in restoring and preserving health through properly applied principles of Natural Hygiene. This course teaches us how to remove cause instead of simply treating symptoms (which can never remove cause). (8.0 credits)

MNH-107 Advanced Nutrition I

This course presents the most advanced concept on food nutrition. It is Dr. Herbert M. Shelton’s greatest and most complete work on correct food nutrition and its impact on health. (4.0 credits)

MNH-108 Advanced Nutrition II

This course is a continuation of Advanced Nutrition I and further presents the most advanced concept on food nutrition. It is Dr. Herbert M. Shelton’s greatest and most complete work on correct food nutrition and its impact on health. (4.0 credits)

MNH-109-E Essay: Herbology (Optional)

This course exposes the most dangerous of the poisonous components of herbs in common use today and their effects once ingested by the human body. The student will select a thesis statement relative to the topic and prepare a 2,500-word, typed, double-spaced essay developing the thesis. (4.0 credits)

MNH-110 Advanced Neurophysiology of Beliefs

This course will help you develop and maintain a magnificent mind by increasing your memory, concentration and free-flowing creativity as well as to develop better impulse controls and mastery over potential addictions. This course will, in addition, help you develop the ability to relax and enjoy all of life’s natural pleasures such as satisfying relationships. (4.0 credits)

MNH-111-E Master’s Dissertation
(Optional if enrolling in the Ph.D. Program)

Not required if enrolling in the Ph.D. Program – The student will select a thesis statement and develop it into a 20,000-word, typed, double-spaced Master’s Dissertation on a specific aspect of natural health, as applied in the student’s own life and/or in the lives of others. The student may draw upon any or all of the various resources of the Master’s Program in the elaboration of the Master’s Dissertation. (4.0 credits)

MNH-112-E The Nature of Spirituality (Optional)

This course will help you as a spiritual person to learn the characteristics of spirituality and how to become filled with “spiritual discernment.” (4.0 credits)

Elective marked: ” — E.” is suggested but NOT required for the Program.