Doctor of Philosophy in Holistic Natural Health & Healing Degree Program

Our Natural Health School provides the exciting opportunity for students to earn Holistic Health Degrees and become prestigious holistic doctors. Attain your Doctorate in Holistic Health, from one of our online Natural Healing Schools. Our Doctor of Philosophy in Holistic Health & Healing Degree will train you, the student, to become a successful Holistic Natural Health & Healing Specialist. You’ll learn about fascinating topics such as Fasting, Psycho-Neuroimmunology, and the Advanced Natural Health & Healing Laws of Nature.

Earn your PhD in Holistic Health today from our elite University & College of Natural Health. With your Natural Health Degree, you will join a profession that guides others toward dramatic health improvement and awareness.

Program Course Descriptions

DNH-101 & HD-101 Behavioral Science of Disease

This course focuses on the correction of disease through a process referred to as “Orthopathy.” “Ortho” means “upright, correct.” “Pathology” means the “study of disease” or “the study of suffering.” “Disease is right action or right suffering,” says Dr. Jennings, the greatest pathologist of the 19th century. This course covers definitions, etiologies, and very effective, Natural and Hygienic healing formulas for disease as presented by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton. (4.0 credits)

DNH-102 & HN-102 Maximum, Body Energy & Energy Healing Concepts

This course presents the most advanced concepts on how to increase and maintain the body’s maximum nerve energy for maximum health, physical strength, and endurance. Maximum nerve energy is also the key for healing disease holistically and its prevention. (4.0 credits)

DNH-103 & HD 103 Fasting: The Spiritual Art of Restoring & Preserving Health

This course demystifies the practice of fasting when ill and presents the amazing usefulness of the practice in restoring health. During a fast, the body rests and then uses recuperated energy to repair itself. Fasting is thus the quickest, safest, and most natural practice known to reverse and completely eliminate acute disease. Fasting is also highly effective in arresting, if not reversing virtually all chronic diseases, provided that cellular integrity and organic structure have not been irreversibly compromised. When cellular integrity and organic structures have been compromised, complete reversal and recovery may not be possible; but arrest of the disease process and higher levels of health can in most cases be achieved. (4.0 credits)

DNH-104 & HD 104 Psychoneuroimmunology: Introduction

This course provides an excellent overview of the science of Psychoneuroimmunology and its philosophies, which laid the groundwork for modern-day “mind/body” healing techniques in the medical and healing arts worlds. The student’s attention is drawn to many experiments, proving the authenticity of the concepts unique to Psychoneuroimmunology. (4.0 credits)

DNH-105 & HD 105 Advanced Natural Health & Healing I

This course presents the greatest Hygienic laws and natural health concepts laid down in the 20th century by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton. The student will learn, in depth, the true art and concepts of the restoration and preservation of natural health by natural, unadulterated means. (4.0 credits)

DNH-106 & HD 106 Advanced Natural Health & Healing II

This course is a continuation of Advanced Natural Health I and further presents the greatest Hygienic laws and natural health concepts laid down in the 20th century by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton. The student will learn, in even further depth, the true concepts of the restoration and preservation of natural health by natural, unadulterated means. (4.0 credits)

DNH-107 & HD 107 Natural Health Counseling Practice: The Legal Requirements & Responsibilities of a Natural Health & Healing Practitioner: Part I & II

This course teaches the legal in’s & out’s and do’s & don’ts of a Natural Health & Hygienic Counseling Practice. The course also presents very advanced and highly effective counseling techniques that will enable the Natural Health & Hygienic Practitioner to show clients and students how to restructure their thinking processes to overcome self-sabotage and to achieve amazing successes in their healthful living habits! (Part I: 4.0 credits) (Part II: 4.0 credits)

DNH-108 & HD 108 Doctorate’s Thesis or Sports Nutrition & Physiology

A) Doctorate’s Thesis

The student will select a thesis statement and develop it into a 3,000-word, typed, double-spaced Doctorate’s Thesis on a specific aspect of natural health, as applied in his or her own life and/or in the lives of others. The student may draw upon any or all of the material from the Doctorate Program in the elaboration of the Doctorate Thesis. (4.0 credits)

B) Sports Nutrition & Physiology

This course presents a modern and thoroughly up-to-date 21st century study on the physiology of the human organism with a specific focus on the sports physiology of the digestive tract as it relates to sports nutrition for optimum power, strength and endurance. “You are not what you eat but what you assimilate that determines power, strength and endurance.” (4.0 credits)

DNH-109-E The Mind of the Spirit (Optional)

The course will teach you that “minding the spirit” (“ones way of thinking” or “mind-set”) as a spiritual person will empower you with a Divine active force. This course will teach you that if you “sow with a view towards corruption of your spirit, mind, body and soul, you will reap corruption, but if you sow with a spiritual, wholesome view towards living, ‘mind, body, spirit and soul,’ you have chosen to continuously perfect your life in order that you may continue to live the Mind Of The Spirit” (4.0 credits)

Elective marked: ” — E.” is suggested but NOT required for the Program.