Master of Science  in Holistic Medicine & Food Healing Nutrition Degree Program

The Fruit Shall Be For Meat & The (Green) Leaf’s For Medicine & Healing.”

University of Natural Medicine offers a Masters in Holistic Medicine Online in our food healing “Holistic Medicine Degree & Course Program” that teaches the philosophy of Let Thy Holistic Medicine Be Thy Healing Food”. University of Natural Health® is considered one of the Best Holistic Medicine Schools offering a Holistic Medicine Certification that could be the gateway for students to attain an Integrative Medicine Degree such as the Master of Science in Holistic Medicine. Global College of Natural Medicine & Clayton College of Natural Health former students are welcome to explore our Alternative Medicine Certification & Degree Programs.

MSHM-101-E: “Wholism” vs “Holism”: Truth or Fiction?

This course will allow you to examine the various terms from various reputable sources and how they define “Whole”, “Wholism”, “Wholistic”, “Holism”, “Holistic” and their sources including the “Whole” Mind, Body and Soul that is all interconnected. (4.0 credits)

MSHM-102: Physiology: Introduction

This course presents an introductory overview of the study of anatomy and physiological processes of the human body, including the study of some of the body’s diseases to which the person who lives outside the Laws of Life is prone and includes all your major systems in molecular detail. Discover how the nervous system works, the intricate construction of skeleton and muscles, and how your body protects itself when you are under threat. (4.0 credits)

MSHM-103: Essay: Plant Based Medicine

This course exposes the most dangerous of the poisonous components of herbs in common use today and their effects once ingested by the human body. The student will select a thesis statement relative to the topic and prepare a 2,500-word, typed, double-spaced essay developing the thesis. (4.0 credits)

MSHM-104: Superior Foods & Nutrition

This course covers the superior health and healing advantages of organic farming. The toxic effects of the use of pesticides and the lack of well-mineralized soil for optimum balance is well-documented in this course. This course will teach you how to effectively learn how to naturally home garden with natural fertilizers that will well-mineralize your soil for the perfect balance required for growing fruits and vegetables that contain the maximum amounts of vitamins and minerals required by the human body for optimum health and healing. (4.0)

MSHM-105: Raising Children Naturally

This course presents the foundational concepts that should be applied to raising disease-free children. Yes, “disease-free!” (4.0 credits)

MSHM-106: Nature of Human Physiology

This course will teach the student why we must adhere to living according to the “organic laws of life”, else suffer the consequences that results in the development of disease for violating those natural laws of life that are inherent within nature and the human body.  The physiological functions of the human body constantly strives moving upward towards the perfection of all its bodily functions for optimum health, power, strength and endurance, which it can achieve. (4.0)

MSHM-107: Plant Based Nutrition Medicine I: Powerful Effects of Whole Medicine & Healing Foods Part I & II

This course will teach you the natural and powerful healing effects of Plant Based Nutrition as Medicine by eating green leafy vegetables and fruits based on Modern Day & Ancient Philosophy principles which “The fruit thereof shall be for meat and the leaves of the trees will serve as a medicine and healing nutrition for the human body as well as all living beings.” (4 credits)

MSHM-108: Plant Based Nutrition Medicine II: Powerful Effects of a “Plant Based Diet” To Secure The Vitamins & Minerals Required for Whole Healing Medicine & Nutrition Part I & II

This course further supports a Plant Based Diet in the previous course MSHM-107 to secure maximum nutrients from vitamins and minerals by employing the Acid Alkaline Balance of Proper Food Combining to maximize the natural and powerful healing effects of eating green leafy vegetables, nuts and fruits based on Modern Day & “Ancient ‘Logos’ Philosophy” that “The fruit thereof shall be for meat and the green leaves of the trees and ground which will serve for medicine and healing nutrition” for all living beings. (4 credits)

MSHM-109: Advanced Neuro Biology of Beliefs

This course will teach you why your brain is the hardware of your soul and the very essence of a human being. It will teach you scientific evidence that your anxiety, depression, anger, obsessive and compulsive behaviors are related to the Neuro Biological workings of your brain. (4.0 credits)

MSHM-110: Phyto-Chemical Composition of Foods

This course will teach you the content of healing foods such as “leafy green vegetables” that are required by the body for healing as well as physical cleansers of the body such as fruits derived from foods. (4 credits)

MSHM-111: Advanced Behavioral Kinesiology

This course presents the most fascinating explanation of the nature of conscious human physiology and is superior to any other course available explaining this concept! The teachings of this course use numerical levels of consciousness, along with tying into its paradigm, that are affected by emotions on various levels. A “truth serum technique” using kinesiology and tying into the body’s wisdom also makes this course and its techniques the most fascinating explanations applied to the nature of conscious physiology itself! The video tapes that are used, along with the book and written course, are revealing and awe-inspiring! This course is one of a kind. (4.0 credits)

MSHM-112: Advanced Natural Hygiene

This course presents advanced natural health concepts on the principles of organic life pertaining to nature’s conditions for perfect, uninterrupted processes of pristine health! It also covers the disease process and its causes and the many aspects, in depth, of the conditions that must be met in restoring and preserving health through properly applied principles of Natural Hygiene. This course teaches us how to remove cause instead of simply treating symptoms (which can never remove cause). (8.0 credits)

MSHM-113-E: Spiritualizing Through a Good Physical Conscience® (Optional)

This course will help you to understand how to cleanse yourself from every form of contamination whether it be spiritual, mind, body and soul.  (4.0 credits)

Elective marked: ” — E.” is suggested but NOT required for the Program.