The History of Nutrition Science

Nutrition is the foundation of health for all living things. We all know that what we put into our bodies directly affects the way our systems function, but eating the right types of foods can be easier said than done. As we’ve learned more about metabolism and the kinds of nutrients the body needs to function optimally, nutrition has become a very important area of study.

A Young Field Born from Simple Beginnings

The History of Nutrition Science

For a very, very long time (centuries, in fact), humans have generally been aware of the role that food plays in health. Even ancient societies used dietary adjustments, teas, and special foods to improve health and treat symptoms of illness. It wasn’t until fairly recently in human history, however, that we really began to look at diet and nutrition in a scientific way.

In the mid-1920s, scientists identified and defined a vitamin for the first time. After that, medicine began to look more deeply into nutrient deficiencies and how they impact a variety of conditions. Eventually, dietary guidelines were established to help people make healthier, more informed food choices. Today, doctors, scientists, and nutritionists are still working to understand how nutrition affects things like obesity, cancer, heart disease, and other serious issues.

Embracing the Role of Nutrition on a Greater Scale

Nutrition is no longer just a fringe interest of researchers and medical professionals; health-centric campaigns and law changes have made it clear to society as a whole that a healthy diet with appropriately balanced nutrition is key to staying healthy and living longer. In the U.S., the obesity epidemic has also raised very important questions about public health attitudes and how we can improve nutrition at home, at school, and at work.

This growing focus on nutrition has spawned a wide variety of related professions, health care initiatives, and ideas about whole-body health. It has also generally boosted the field of holistic health, as people are beginning to realize that we need to look at the entire body and its basic underlying needs instead of just treating symptoms of illness.

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Eating Healthy

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