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University of Natural Health & College of Natural Health are accredited Distance Learning & Online Holistic Health and Nutrition Schools that will provide you with the opportunity to earn accredited Holistic & Nutrition Degrees Online such as a Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition Degree or other Online Holistic Degrees offered.  As a Natural Healing College & University, we do provide Natural Healing Degrees and more. Earn a Holistic Ph.D. Degree in Nutrition as a Nutritionist.

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We teach The AAA Diet® (Acid Alkaline Association) which adheres to an acid alkaline food chart for optimum nutrition and health.

The AAA Diet® (Acid Alkaline Association)

alkaline forming diet chartThe acid alkaline diet promotes an 80% alkaline-forming and 20% acid-forming diet as a means of achieving optimal health. Acid-forming diets can lead to the acidification of body tissue that can compromise the immune system and lead to a host of diseases.

healthy familyThe University College of Natural Health graduates the ONLY "Doctor of Science in Holistic Sports Nutrition" (D.Sc.) as well as offering other unique "SPORTS DEGREES" for the "Sports Career Minded" individual.

Our Natural Healing College teaches a Special Ancient Healing Knowledge on how to "Remove The Cause of Disease & There Will Be No Symptoms Required to Be Treated."