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Ordained Minister & Certification Programs

The purpose of our Ordained Minister Program and Certification Programs is to help those that have a desire to Become a Minister. Our non-secular Course Programs contain superior Ordained Minister Courses that will assist the student to attain the qualified education required to materialize their dreams and goals as Ordained Ministers.


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Why should ALL students & graduates accept the opportunity to receive an "ORDAINED MINISTER CERTIFICATE" at no additional cost to you upon the completion of any Degree or Certified Program???

Because You, as a Student or Graduate, if You so Choose, would qualify for the "First Amendment Protection Rights" for Spiritual & Religious Freedom as practicing Holistic Health & Healing Ministers and Counselors.

OML-101Spiritual Organization Defined (Ecclesiology & Christology)
OML-102Spiritual Holistic Health & Healing Ministry Defined
OML-103Ordained Holistc Health & Healing Minister Defined
OML-104The Nature of Spirituality Defined
OML-105Spiritualizing Through a Good Physical Conscience ®
OML-106 Blood: The Waters of Life
OML-107The Mind of The Spirit


Christologist™ and Ecclesiologist™ Programs

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EC-101 Christian Organization Defined (Ecclesiology & Christology)
EC-102Christian Holistic Health & Healing Ministry Defined
EC-103 Ordained Holistc Health & Healing Minister Defined
EC-104The Nature of Spirituality Defined
EC-105Spiritualizing Through a Good Physical Conscience ®
EC-106Blood: The Waters of Life
EC-107The Mind of The Spirit
EC-108Advanced Natural Lifestyle Concepts
EC-109Advanced "Applied" Nutritional Concepts
EC-110Bible Diet Part I: The AAA® (Acid Alkaline Association)
EC-111Bible Diet Part II: The AAA® (Acid Alkaline Association)
EC-112Advanced Natural Health & Healing Concepts I
EC-113Advanced Natural Health & Healing Concepts II
EC-114Biblical Counseling Practice: The Legal Requirements of an Ordained Minister



Mission Statement

"Ecclesiology Inc." is a Non-Denominational 501 (C) (3) nonprofit spiritual  organization composed of an "ecclesia" (gathering) of people who are Logos philosophy based on the principle of a "Universal Divine Reason" for the purpose of understanding "harmony", inherent within nature, but transcending all imperfections as a divine universal ruling force, which governs and is also revealed throughout the cosmos to all of humankind. "Universal Divine Reason" is an eternal unchanging truth from the time of creation that is a unifying and liberating force, which reconciles the human with the Divine. The word "Logos" can refer to a "Rational Divine Intelligence" expressed by words, which during “scientific discourse” have been referred to as the "Mind of God" and the principles for human law and morality including the self regulated "Natural Laws witnessed in all of Nature."

Christian beliefs point to the "Holy Scriptures" in the book of "John Chapter 1 verse 1 as the "Word" (Logos) of God” becoming “flesh” as the bridge between the human and the Divine.

The "Scriptural" core basis why we believe not only must we be Spiritually, Mentally and Morally clean, but we must be Physically clean on the inside as well as on the outside, which includes our nutrition and drinking habits and our bathing and clothing habits. 

In Colossians Chapter 3 verse 23 states: "Whatever you do, put your whole heart and soul into it" and in the book of 2 Corinthians clearly states that we must not pollute any part of one's body.

"Let Us Purify Ourselves from Everything that Pollutes either Body or Spirit"

(2 Corinthians 7:1)