Theology Degree Study Programs

As a school of Theology, the purpose of the Theology Degree Study Program is to provide the opportunity to earn Theology Degrees such as the Doctor of Theology (PHD Theology). We also offer Online Theology Courses that will lead to earning an Online Theology Degree, which is similar to other Theology Schools and Theology Colleges.

Program Course Descriptions


BPT-101 Spiritual Organization Defined (Ecclesiology & Christology)

This course will teach you the Biblical Etymology of “Ecclesiology” that can be found in the Septuagint Bible, which uses ekklesia to translate the Hebrew word qâhâl meaning a fellowshipping, congregation, assembly, company or other organized body for spiritual purposes (Acts 2:42).

Ecclesiology is “Spiritual, But Not Religious” and also “Unchurched” which may be defined as all those who do not believe in a structured, ritualistic and dogmatic pious performance at the altar.

Christology is the study of the person of Christ, His life, His ministry, His sacrifice, His commandments, and His sacrifice as our savior. In short, without an understanding of the character of Christ, your ministry is doomed to fail. (Proverbs 19:2)

We, as a spiritual and Christian organization called “Ecclesiology,” define our philosophy as the science of organic Christianity, which is a living, breathing, dynamic, mutually participatory, every-member functioning, Christ-centered, communal expression of the body of Christ that is based on Christian Bible principles and historical events. (4.0 credits)

BPT-102 Spiritual Holistic Health & Healing Ministry Defined

This course will help you understand the responsibilities of a Holistic Health & Healing Christian Ministry. As a Christian Holistic Health &  Healing Minister, you will learn God’s Divine purpose for the various Christian Healing Ministries that we as Christians have been entrusted and called upon to perform for the spiritual and physical benefit of all living creatures. ( 3.0 credits)

BPT-103 Neuro Biological Science of Faith: Introduction

This course brings Biblical principles and Neuro biological sciences working synergistically together to encourage the full potential of positive and loving thoughts on emotions that will enhance optimum spiritual and physical health. (4.5 credits)

BPT-104 Bible Diet Part I: The AAA® (Acid Alkaline Association)

This course presents the most advanced concept in correct food nutrition. It also introduces what is naturally and hygienically acceptable to eat and how to avoid foods that can defile the flesh and pollute the blood, such as chemical additives, preservatives and mercury found in fish. You will also learn to be mindful that the foods you eat need to be properly combined for optimum nutrition and health, including the healthy dietary practices of making up the bulk of your diet with fruits and vegetables and avoiding refined and other processed foods. (9.5 credits)

BPT-105 Ordained Holistic Health & Healing Minister Defined

The purpose of this course is to help you define and understand your role as a Holistic Christian Health & Christian Healing Minister. You will learn in this polluted world how to help heal the sick in relation to the spirit, mind, body and soul, which are all working synergistically together towards Pristine “spiritual and physical” Health. (4.0 credits)

BPT-106 Advanced “Applied” Nutritional Concepts

This course reveals man’s true dietetic nature related to the consumption of raw fruits and vegetables according to the laws of nature created by God. This course details the nutritional and healing ability and force that nutrients of fruits and vegetables can exert on such conditions as heart disease, Candida, cancer, nutrient deficiencies, diabetes, weight control or weight loss and many other debilitating conditions. (4.5 credits)

BPT-107 Essay: Your Role as an Ordained Minister

(500 Words)

BPT-108 Bible Diet Part II: The AAA® (Acid Alkaline Association)

This course is a continuation of The Bible Diet Part I. You will learn how the Bible Diet provides Christians with nature’s natural nutrients for optimum health, power, strength and endurance. It is also excellent for weight loss. The Bible Diet, of course, is the ultimate diet to help anyone attain the highest level of pristine natural and vibrant health and avoid the defilement of flesh and spirit before God. (9.5 credits)


MPT-101 The Nature of Spirituality (Spiritual Disciplines) (Spiritual Wellness)

This course will help you as a Christian servant of God to learn the characteristics of spirituality according to the Christian Holy Scriptures, and how to become filled with “spiritual discernment.” (5.5 credits)

MPT-102 Advanced Neuro Biological Science of Faith

This course will teach you the Biblical and Scientific evidence why your emotions such as Love, Anger, Anxiety, Joy and Depression are related to the Neuro Biological functions of the brain. (4.5 credits)

MPT-103 Composition & Facts About The Powerful Healing Effects of Foods & Nutrients

This course teaches the various food nutrients found in plants and herbs that will address most human deficiencies such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous and many other macro and micro minerals including vitamins such as B-12, C, D, E, U, B-17, and many other vitamins known and unknown that are required for optimum health, power, strength and endurance. (4.5 credits)

MPT-104 “Spiritualizing” Through a Good Physical Conscience (Christian Spiritual Healing)

This course will help you to understand how to cleanse yourself from every form of defilement that contaminates flesh or spirit. The principles of the Bible require that a Christian must keep physically and spiritually clean before God. (5.5 credits)

MPT-105 Advanced Nutritional Concepts I

This course presents the most advanced concept in correct food nutrition. It also introduces what is naturally and hygienically acceptable to eat. You will learn the functions of calories, vitamins and minerals within your body. You will also discover the close relationship between soil health, plant health, and human health and how denatured soils affect the nutrient content of the foods you eat. (9.5 credits)

MPT-106 Advanced Nutritional Concepts II

This course is a continuation of Advanced Nutrition I. You will learn how to properly combine foods for optimum nutrition and health. You will also understand the mental influences of nutrition, particularly how bread is considered the “Staff of Death” and how denatured foods, pasteurized foods, and eating of flesh can be harmful to the health and strength of your mind and body. (9.5 credits)

MPT-107 Essay: Spiritual & Physical Cleanliness. Why Both?

(500 Word Essay)


DTH-101 Blood: The Waters of Life (Spiritual Cleansing) (Christian Healing)

This course will help you to learn God’s Scriptural viewpoint in relation to blood. The Lord God says that “The life of all flesh is in the blood.” It will, in addition, teach you the importance of blood as well as its proper use. (5.5 credits)

DTH-102 The Mind of The Spirit (Spiritual Development) (Spiritual Life)

This course will help you to learn the contrast between the “flesh” and “spirit.” The course will teach you that “minding the spirit” (“ones way of thinking” or “mind-set”) will empower you with God’s active force. This course will teach that if you “sow with a view to your flesh, you will reap corruption from your flesh, but if you sow with a view to the spirit, you will reap everlasting life. You must choose life in order that you may live.” (3.0 credits)

DTH-103 Maximum Natural Healing & Energy Concepts

This course will teach you the marvelous designs of the body’s energy and ability of its self healing power that our creator has endowed the human body so it can attain maximum health. (4.5 credits)

DTH-104 Advanced Natural Health & Healing Concepts I

This course presents, in depth, the Natural Health & Healing laws of nature within the human body, as never before presented, for the restoration and preservation of health by Pristine, unadulterated methodologies. (4.5 credits)

DTH-105 Advanced Natural Health & Healing Concepts II

This course presents, in depth, the Natural Health & Healing laws of nature within the human body, as never before presented, for the restoration and preservation of health by Pristine, unadulterated methodologies. (4.5 credits)

DTH-106 Spiritual & Physical Fasting

The Restoration & Preservation of Spiritual & Physical Health Spiritual and Physical Fasting can save your life by ridding the mind and body of toxins whether they are spiritually or physically related. Spiritual and Physical Fasting can begin the true art of healing and restoration of the mind and body back to optimum health, power, strength and endurance. Fasting, overall, can help to accelerate the healing process of the body whether it is mind, bone, muscle, joint or blood. The body‘s creative design is more intelligent than any human intervention in relation to the physiological and biological repairs and healing of the body. Fasting allows the body to perform at its optimum physiological and biological functions more proficiently. (4.5 credits)

DTH-107 Advanced Natural Lifestyle Concepts

This course covers the laws of nature required to attain superior health, power, strength and endurance. First, we need to learn how to “Remove The Cause of Physiological and Biological diseases aside from violating the spiritual laws of God by avoiding defiling the flesh. The Israelites were given many laws in the Bible in relationship to food and lifestyle habits so they could avoid defiling the flesh which would be viewed as unclean before the eyes of God. This means freedom from various addictions such as overeating, acid-forming foods and other fleshly desires including unloving relationships whether personal or professional. We must learn to include outside activities such as fresh air and exercise, adequate rest and sleep so we can awake refreshed to perform our daily activities with vim and vigor and to our utmost Christian potential. (4.5 credits)

DTH-108 Pastoral Counseling: The Legal Practice of an Ordained Minister

This course teaches the legal “ins & outs” and “dos & don’ts” of a “Pastoral Counseling Practice.” The course also presents very advanced and highly effective counseling techniques that will enable the Pastoral Counselor/Minister to show clients and students how to restructure their thinking processes to overcome self-sabotage and to achieve amazing successes in their healthful living habits! (Part I: 8.5. credits) ( Part II: 8.5 credits)

DTH-109 Thesis: Defilement of Flesh & Spirit Defined

(2000 Words)