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Degrees Offered at the University of Natural Health

  • Holistic Nutrition and Health & Healing Degrees & Certifications

    Our Holistic Nutrition and Natural Health & Healing Degree Programs produce a Bachelor, Master and Doctor's degree in Holistic Nutrition and a Bachelor, Master and Doctor's degree in Natural Health & Healing. We also have a unique Naturorthopathic Degree and graduate the only HygioPhysicians® in the world. Our Natural Health and Nutrition students can also attain a Natural Holistic Health Practitioner Certification through our Certified Natural Health Practitioner or Certifed Holistic Nutrition Certification Program.

  • Sports Nutrition Degrees & Certifications

    The University & College of Natural Health provides the "Ultimate Sports Nutrition Degree & Certification Programs including attaining a Management & Marketing Degree. The Sports Nutrition Certification programs in Sports Nutrition & Health teaches the student how to NATURALLY attain maximum health, power, strength and endurance for optimum sports performance.

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